You have the drive and the dedication you just need a little guidance.
1hr 30min

What’s included
Consultation, protocol & 1 custom 2 oz herb mix
90 min initial consultation / discovery call
What’s your Dosha & prakriti /constitution
What is your vrikriti / imbalance
Diving deep into root causes
3 action steps to get you on your way to success right away
Full Protocol including
Delivery via e-book and downloadable pdf.
Diet add in- take out or minimize (Diet/Ahara in Ayurveda)
protein, dairy, fruits, veggies, spices, fats or oils, grains.
Times of day to feast.
Fitness regimen –
yoga, pilates, weight training, outdoor adventures or HIIT (high intense interval training)
this varies from person to person but can include any of the above aforementioned
Breathing techniques in Ayurveda known as pranayama
these can be for weight loss, calming energy, mental focus to cool the body etc. and varies from person to person.
Herbal protocol – to help bring you to balance
Meditation techniques custom to you and times to do so custom to you.
Lifestyle – Recommended daily routine custom to you.
Therapies – any treatments that would benefit your situation

can include:
Shirodhara – oil dripping on the head (for mental imbalances)
Basti – neck, low back or knee treatment (for pain)
Local ahbyanga – local massage (head, neck, hands, feet)
1 custom mixed herbal formulation – mailed directly to you (2oz each)
Invite to private facebook group for ongoing support, be amongst like minded individuals working through similar protocols as yours. Ask questions and get first hand information on Ayurvedic home remedies.
1x monthly FB live coaching call **Coaching calls can be stopped at any time.**
(questions for coaching must be submitted 1 week in advance. FB Lives are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9am pst)
$222 paid in full or 2 payments of $111.