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Tooth Powder

With Activated Charcoal Made from Amalaki Fruit
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With Activated Charcoal Made from Amalaki Fruit

  • Free of fluoride, additives, and artificial sweeteners
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Comes in two refreshing flavors
  • Use in place of toothpaste

Our Tooth Powder, available in either Mint Cardamom or Cinnamon Clove, combines powerful herbs and minerals that leave your teeth and mouth feeling clean, polished, and refreshed.

Miswak, sometimes called "the toothbrush tree,"1 is the main ingredient. A longtime oral health favorite among many cultures, its twigs are still used as a natural oral hygiene tool to this day.2 We source our miswak from certified organic farms where this tree has grown for over 100 years.

This formula uses a unique activated charcoal made from dried, deseeded amalaki—an herb well-known for its detoxifying and cleansing properties. The charcoal can turn your teeth green and black (but only while you brush!) making Tooth Powder a hit with kids and adults alike.

Also included are neem and additional amalaki, which work to cleanse the mouth while calcium carbonate and baking soda gently polish the teeth and licorice gives special attention to the gums.

For a complete morning oral routine, brush with Tooth Powder after you've finished cleaning your tongue with a Tongue Cleaner, then finish with Daily Swish™️ pulling oil.

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