Great Instructor and gym. Love the smaller class sizes and personal attention! I definitely get a great workout and appreciate the family-friendly environment.

Natalie August 14, 2019

I love Superior Body Transformation!!! Angela is so motivating and makes every class so fun and I just love our workouts. I absolutely love my 9 am Pilates infused circuit training Bootcamp. I get a good sweat in to start my day!!!! I highly recommend this gym!!!! If you are looking for a semi-private environment to work out in you would love it here. 12ppl in class. 50min workouts. Parent-friendly/bring your kids. Perfect location for chino and chino hills residents.

Alison M. February 13, 2019

After being inactive for years, I started seeing Angela at her gym in April 2018. She is a very effective motivator and pushes you just right. In spite of my limitations, she is always able to find an exercise for me and manages to still get a lot out of me without killing me. Surprisingly, for someone who is not big on working out, I have found her workouts to be a lot of fun, and being so out of shape, her constant support and encouragement makes a big difference. I must have raved so much about her that my wife was convinced to join Angela's gym in September 2018. Now she goes there more than me and I have seen the difference in her fitness and positive attitude in a short period. I would highly recommend Angela and her workouts. Thanks, Angela! You truly have made a difference.

Alex X. November 15, 2018

Wow! What a great place to work out and get nutritional advice! Angela has created a comfortable space and she is always changing it up. Her workouts are NEVER boring and very enjoyable.

Terri H. March 1, 2019

Angela is an awesome, awesome trainer. I can't say enough good things about Angela and how she supports her members. Angela is very down-to-earth, easygoing, flexible, and accommodating, and focuses on just what help you need. After a horrible fitness experience elsewhere in town, it was very relieving to be able to join Superior Body Transformation. I've done a lot of research and I know that her rates are some of the most cost-effective in town. What I love about this experience is that there are no frills, there are no bells and whistles, and you just simply focus on working out and getting better and the fair costs reflect this. Angela offers a few different types of classes each day of the week. My favorites are the Pilates-infused HIIT, weight training, and the boot camp where she will really challenge you. My only feedback is that I wish she had more options for class times like she used to in the past but I know it's not something she can offer at the time. If the times don't work for you, then you can explore personal training with her. Also what is really great is that Angela will do a whole-body assessment for you and help you with things like your posture. She really is genuinely passionate about helping you with your overall health. I would give more than 5 stars if I could for Angela and her business.

Stella H. July 10, 2019

This gym is a hidden gem! I absolutely love Angela's training style. She is such a positive, fun, genuine, lead-by-example trainer with a strong focus on nutrition. She knows her stuff and makes working out fun and enjoyable. You won't find a more personable, relatable, or motivating coach than Angela.

The gym is super clean and the members are all very nice and friendly. The 21-day challenge is just what I needed to jump-start my new habits!!!

Shanda W. February 20, 2019

I am amazed by how flexible it’s been to be able to bring my son and work out at the same time. Angela has been so welcoming and truly cares about my health and wellness. I have already seen a positive difference in my strength, flexibility, and weight in just 3 weeks. If you want accountability and a little push with guidance, superior Body Transformation is for you.

Valerie P. February 2019

I started attending to participate in their 21-day challenge. This gym is great for mommas with kiddos. I have a brand new baby and this allows me to work out while bringing my new baby. Plus I’ve already lost 2 pounds in one week!

Cristin B. February 2019

Thank you for listening to me today. And the reason I wanted to tell you all that is because for the first time in a long time I feel confident! I feel amazing and I am starting to fall in love with my body again. I’m amazed with my transformation and how strong I am getting. I want you to know how much of a big part of that you have been. Thank you! And I will never be able to thank you enough. This is one of the reasons I am excited to take classes and help train other people. Because even though I was an overweight stay-at-home mom. There was so much more to the weight. Thank you thank you thank you!
I lost 4.5 pounds on the cleanse. I’ve lost 13lbs since starting with you and 9 pounds since starting Isagenix!!!! Thank you!! I’m so excited right now! I was hangry last night. But it was so worth it!

Anglea is a wonderful coach. Today was my assessment with her and she was very thorough and very positive. Angela was very motivating and gave me the confidence I needed to get through my workout. I highly recommend that you give her a try. You have nothing to lose, only gain more knowledge of how you can improve your overall. Thanks, Angela for getting me out of my comfort zone and showing me I can do it if I put my mind to it.

Marta D. January 3, 2018

This gym has changed my life. If you are looking for a very welcoming and driven gum please come check it out!!! Angela will encourage you to meet your goals and push to get there!
Sandy B. February 15, 2019

Another great workout this morning. Love the way I feel when I finish a good workout… and even happier with the way my body is in better shape. He shoutout to Angela for her encouraging words. Check it out, the only thing you have to lose is a few pounds and inches.

Kathryn P. March 13, 2018

Angela is a great trainer and health coach. She has the answer you need to help be your healthiest self and the motivation to get through any workout. I love all the one on one time and advice your get. Come and try it yourself you won’t be sorry. Great full-body workouts.

Kalli M. October 25, 2018